Yellow Pages Spider is a tool that searches in the most popular "yellow pages" directories and extracts important information like business name, address, phone number and email.

With our application you can create 100% customizable searches in a browser so you can enjoy all the features of each target site. Just enter a category and location, then do a search and when you get the first page of data click the “Get Data!” button and the rest is magic! All the results will be extracted and formatted in a list that you can review before saving to a CSV file that can be imported into MS Excel or your MYSQL database.

Search thousands of business leads in:
  • http://www.yellowpages.com in United States (We recommend use a proxy if you live outside USA)
  • http://www.yellowpages.ca in Canada
  • http://www.yellowpages.com.au in Australia
  • http://wwww.yellow.co.nz in New Zealand
  • http://www.paginegialle.it in Italy
  • http://www.pagesjaunes.fr in France
  • http://www.yellowpages-uae.com in Dubai-United Arab Emirates
  • http://www.gelbeseiten.de in Germany
  • http://www.pai.pt in Portugal
  • http://en.detelefoongids.nl/yellow-pages.html in Netherlands
  • http://yellow.local.ch/en in Switzerland
  • http://www.goldenpages.ie in Ireland
  • http://www.yellowpages.com.sg in Singapore
  • http://www.paginasamarillas.info.ec in Ecuador
  • http://www.guiamais.com.br in Brazil
  • http://www.yellow-pages.ph in Philippines
  • http://en.yell.ru in Russia
  • http://www.yellowpages.co.in in India

Do you need more? Ok...Get FREE updates with new sites and new features every year. If you have a question you will have a team giving a support in less than 24 hours. We never compare our products with competence for just one reason. We beat all the prices and give the best warranty because we are focus in our clients, what they need and how they can get results using our software.

In the following short video you can view Yellow Pages Spider in action.

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